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Events are so much more than ordering the grub and choosing centerpieces. Each event needs its own roadmap to reach its goal destination. We offer a turnkey solution for events of all different scopes, sizes, and objectives. We create a tailored experience for our clients and drive each occasion to measured success... whatever that is. 

Most events also need their own promotion or marketing campaigns. Whether it be targeting a specific demographic, increasing ticket sales, brand awareness, or an event attached to a public relations campaign.... we are game! 



Branding refers to the deliberate actions you take to influence people’s perception of your product or service—so they will choose your brand time and again. Essentially, it is the way your product or service lives in the hearts and minds of your customer. 
Maybe your logo needs an update, or your website needs a refresher... or maybe your whole company brand needs a "facelift." Whatever the case, digital marketing is here to stay and the fastest growing marketing tactic, with the most defined results. We not only can help target the demographics your business is trying to breach, we can help design quality, eye catching, and creative content. 
Think about it, when consumers need to make a choice, how will they make their decisions? Whatever motivates them, branding is what shapes the perception of your business in their minds and ultimately what converts new customers into loyal buyers. 
Sky is the Limit works with preferred designers and vendors to develop concepts. 

Artwork created by Osprey Graphics

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The Other Stuff

We can offer a number of misc services, and we'll try everything at least once!
- Media Agency; when navigating cash buy-ins with media partners, its best to use some one who speaks the "lingo!" You hire a lawyer to represent you in court, a doctor to treat you, why not choose a media agency to navigate the ever-changing world of advertising. 
- Digital marketing; although we aim to provide these services for clients who are campaigning with us already or holding an event we are producing... we are always always open to creating a plan or consulting these services separately

- The Non-Profit Sector; we do the favor bag stuffing, the event logistics, and promotions so you don't have to! What you really can focus on is fundraising for your cause! We all know NPO staff wear many hats, let us take something of your plate, Love!

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